About us

With over twenty years of experience in the manufacturing and supply of QUALITY and INNOVATIVE products, two key concerns: STEELWORLD Roofing Systems cc and RICKFORD Investments (Pty) Ltd have introduced to the market - DURAWORLD Enterprises Group of companies. As an active player in the housing industry within South Africa, we have developed into a dynamic company. The DURAWORLD Enterprises Group of companies brand is a strategic evolution, to advance our position and assertiveness in supply of quality products across the housing industry.

STEELWORLD roofing systems protect thousands of homes, commercial and industrial buildings. Achieving a good looking product is not sufficient in competitive global markets. It is attention to detail in the manufacturing process that has earned our roofing systems an international reputation for excellence.
RICKFORD Investments is the holding company of DURAROOF Quality Roofing Tiles, now introduces a high-class range of DURA branded products. Extension of product offerings into the market focuses its aid to the home owner or contractor for quality finishes to any home or office.
DURAROOF tiles are the leading choice for most roofing solutions today. The combination of the building industry’s strongest materials, namely steel and stone are expertly pressed and bound together into a panel that replicates heavy traditional concrete tiles without all the obvious weight and costs
DURATRANS is a leader in local conveyance of palletised and non‐palletised goods to and from any destination in and around South Africa. DURATRANS has a fleet of well serviced, clean trucks and trailers, arriving on time to pick up or deliver the load.